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Welcome to the website of the Quebec Studies Program at the University at Buffalo (SUNY), located within the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, 910 Clemens (UB North Campus).

The Quebec Studies Program is part of Canadian Studies created by Munroe Eagles (Transnational Studies) in 2008 under the responsibility of The College of Arts and Sciences. Over the years, this interdisciplinary program has drawn upon a wide range of faculty expertise and interests to offer language and cultural courses, scholarly conferences, art exhibits, film festivals, theater programs and creative digital visual displays to foreground the history, creativity and economical vibrancy of the Quebec Nation. Thanks to an all-encompassing agreement signed by the two presidents of the Universities in 2011 between UB and UQAM, a developing program has fostered the international exchanges among undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers and alumni.

Through the support on the UB campus of Arts and Sciences, the Office of the Vice-Provost for International Education, the Melodia E. Jones Chair and with additional financial support from the Canadian and Quebec Governments (“Program Enhancement Grant, 2010”, “PIRQ, 2011- 2013”) many faculty members in the Schools and Institutes on the UB campus are actively offering courses, lectures, exhibits, films and performances related to Quebec. The detail of these activities can be found on the “Events” page of our web site.

Jean-Jacques Thomas

Associate Director of Canadian Studies
For Quebec Affairs and Programs
University at Buffalo